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Research with Relevance

The McCoy College of Business works to foster a culture where quantitative and qualitative research is used to advance business understanding, improve student learning, and benefit university constituents.

Research Spotlight

McCoy is dedicated to interdisciplinary, evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research. Our research investigates, analyzes and disseminates data on socioeconomic topics that have a meaningful impact on business understanding and an ever-globalized world.
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Latest News

A Vision Beyond Profit

July 28

COVID-19 and the economics of sports

July 27

Watching the Watcher

May 15

Grants and Awards

Our faculty are frequently recognized for their valuable and insightful research. As a result of these achievements, they are identified and lauded through the conferring of prestigious grants and awards in the college.

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Want to know more about the research within McCoy College? Contact our research team to learn more.