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Texas State University

Faculty Experts

McCoy College’s program, initiatives and experiential learning opportunities are only the beginning. Our extraordinary faculty members are conducting socially impactful, relevant research that is changing the business world today and driving the future. 

Get to know our faculty

Dr. Linda Alkire

Linda Alkire, Associate Professor of Marketing


Transformative Service Researcg (TSR), Service Marketing & Management and Technology & Services

Transformative potential of services to create uplifting changes that improve the lives of both consumers & employees

"My interest in the transformative potential of services is reinforced by a deep and personal conviction that responsible researchers and educators should be contributing to the well-being of our society by teaching our students and offering business leaders transformative insights and lessons."

Helping the SEC and other agencies refine their approach to prevent another financial industry crisis

“The bulk of my research to date focuses on specialized areas in accounting where I have developed a recognized expertise: fair value measurements and the broker dealer industry. I have been able to consult with U.S. regulators — including the SEC — on these research endeavors.”

Dr. Nate Cannon

Nathan Cannon, Scott Emerson Professor in Business Administration


Auditing and financial reporting

Dr. Tahir Ekin

Tahir Ekin, Associate Professor of CIS & Quantitative Methods


Data analysis for detecting healthcare fraud

“We can flag specific transactions or provider networks for auditors or law enforcement to take the next step and investigate.”

“Standard models do not allow for default risk, extreme events and volatility regimes. I consider all of them in my research.”


Ivilina Popova, Tom and Jo Roddy Professor in Finance, McCoy College of Business


Derivatives pricing and portfolio management